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Ebenbuild is home to exceptional experts with international track records in biomedical engineering, biomechanics, high-performance computing, AI/ML, and software development. We transform healthcare and life sciences through scientifically sound digital twin technology.

Dr. Kei Müller
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Jonas Biehler
CTO & Co-Founder
Dr. Karl-Robert Wichmann
Chief Architect, VP Engineering & Co-Founder
Prof. Wolfgang Wall
Chief Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder
Nina Pischke, M.Sc.
Product Manager
Marie Brei, M.Sc.
Machine Learning Engineer
Dr. Maximilian Grill
Lead Software Engineer
Joshua Bügel, M.Sc.
Software Engineer
Jakob Richter, M.Sc.
Simulation Software Engineer
Valeria Esposito
Team Assistant
Max-Carl Wachter, M.Sc.
Machine Learning Engineer